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Jan 25, 2006 at 10:04 PM

BPS_WB - Creating a Dropdown List of GPSs using bspSubmit() ??



I am trying to create a Dropdown List that contains a number of GPS. When I create Function Push Button to execute the GPS the code that gets generated is

<span><a href="#1" onclick="javascript:bspSubmit('GPS1'); return false;" class="sapBtnStd" OnMouseOver="javascript:window.status = 'GPS1'; return true;" title="GPS1"><nobr>Execute GPS1</nobr></a></span>

Also (as an example) I have created a Function Selector (which seems that it can not be used for GPSs) for a Planning Function that has a number of Parmeter Groups and have looked at this code:

<select name="ParamSel1" size="1" class="bpsSelDdl" onChange="javascript:bspSubmit('ParamSel1');">

<option value="PF178000/PG178010"><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">Copy Verion 000 (PF178000/PG178010)</span></option>

<option value="PF171000/PG171010"><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">Delete (PF171000/PG171010)</span></option>

<option value=""selected><span class="bpsSelDdlTxt">-- SELECT --</span></option>


I thought I would be able to use a similar <select></select> tag set and imbedd that within a Text Element within BPS_WB. For instance,

<select name="DDL_Gps" size="1" class="bpsSelDdl" onChange="javascript:bspSubmit('DDL_Gps'); return false;">

<option value="GPSTechName1">GPS1</option>

<option value="GPSTechName2">GPS2</option>

<option value="" selected>-- Select --</option>


This does not work. I also tried to use the name of the Function Push Button that is defined in BPS_WB for the two GPSs. That did not work either...

Has anyone accomplished similar? I am working on 3.2 at the moment.