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Jun 17, 2015 at 04:12 AM

How come GET_ATTRIBUTE is returning value with out SET_ATTRIBUTE, tricky!


Hello Experts,

We are getting an error from standard SAP WD component, I saw the place where the error is specified in the code, but no use bcz no clue about the root cause, I mean, as shown in the below pic error is located in ERROR node and being reading by using GET_ATTRIBUTE, but we checked the whole code of the VIEW multiple times, but we didn't find that where the standard SAP is populating ERROR attribute by using SET_ATTRIBUTE hence we couldn't have an idea about root cause,

(This ERROR node is VIEW specific context attribute, this WD is from PLM WebUI)

I have attached the note pad, where in we can see the whole code of this VIEW

Pl. let us know where the standard SAP is setting the ERROR attribute with a value by using the SET_ATTRIBUTE method?


DMS SDN.jpg (190.7 kB)