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Jun 16, 2015 at 11:34 PM

Building graphs using Webi 4.0


Hi All

I have a requirement where I have to build 4 graphs showing 4 KPI's one on each graph, with respect to time and major line dimension on the category (X) axis, KPI on Y axis and Region Color as Plan or Actual Value.

Part of this requirement is also to provide prompts for users, so I have created parameters in the universe and associated lov's to them , by which I am providing cascading prompts to users. They are

1.Year , 2.Quarter ,3.Month, 4.Major Line, 5.Product Group, 6.Product Category, 7.Product Sub Category and 8.State

Also for drill purpose on the graphs,

I have set up 2 hierarchies in the universe to allow drill functionality.

Hierarchy 1:

From Year to Quarter to Month.

Hierarchy 2:

From Major Line to Product Group to Product Category to Product Sub Category and State.

The reason I am using cascading prompts is because, cascading does not work with input controls and also multiple selection of lovs is not possible using drill filters.

I have tried building the graph using the line chart with above requirements but was not successful.

I have some questions regarding how to design it:

Every time when a user runs the report, based on that user response the graphs should display and allow the drill down.

Is it ok to use the user response in the graphs and allowing drill on top of it, if so how it works?

Is it better to build these kind of graphs using webi or dashboard designer?

Please suggest , I am handling this kind of requirement for the first time.

Thanks in Advance!