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Jun 16, 2015 at 05:56 PM

sap.ui.Table header span not working on MII 14.0 SP6 Patch 9


Hello everyone,

I am developing an application using the sap.ui.Table component. I am using the headerSpan property to build a table with multiple headers. The problem is that I had to hack the script /XMII/JavaScript/bootstrap.js, in order to load a version of sap-ui-core.js script that supports the headerSpan. I would like to know why the header span does not work with the sap-ui-core.js that comes with the MII 14.0 patch?

I have attached two images that illustrates the problem:

table_header_span_1.png shows the header span working fine (Usage of my hack bootstrap.js);

table_header_span_2.png shows the header span not working (Usage of MII 14 bootstrap.js).