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Jun 16, 2015 at 06:12 PM

Connecting .Net C# CR Viewer to Informix without using ODBC


I have C# application using what I believe is the latest CR assemblies (13.0.2000.0) to connect to an Informix database via ODBC. Works fine. But, I need to bypass ODBC and connect the report directly to the Informix database.

Tables tables = _reportDocument.Database.Tables;

ConnectionInfo connectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo();

foreach (Table table in tables)


TableLogOnInfo tableLogOnInfo = new TableLogOnInfo();

tableLogOnInfo = table.LogOnInfo;

connectionInfo.ServerName = "InformixOdbcName";

connectionInfo.DatabaseName = "ProdDbName";

connectionInfo.UserID = "UserId";

connectionInfo.Password = "Password";

// Now the update ConnectionInfo in the object

tableLogOnInfo.ConnectionInfo = connectionInfo;



The above works fine with ODBC and the appropriate values. But, when trying to set the ServerName directly to Informix: <host>@<servername>, the logon always fails. Can anyone provide some help on how to connect directly to Informix?