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Jun 16, 2015 at 05:44 PM

SAP FI-BL - FF_5 Electronic Bank Statement (multiple posting date)?


Hi SAP Experts

We are working with a Multicash Format for FF_5 transaction

Our question is to know whether SAP could manage multiple posting date for a electronic bank statement?

I mean using the bank posting date as a FI posting date.

According with SAP Note 36833 - Multicash Format (auszug.txt and umsatz.txt)

There is a field name "Posting Date" on the line item file (UMSATZ)

In our testing we discovered this field is not the SAP Posting Date but the Bank Posting date;

It is there a method to use different posting date FEBEP-BUDAT on a single electronic statement?

I think SAP is designed to get the statment date as the FI posting date.

This solution may cause exchange rate currency when clearing.

Best Regards

Fernando Luna