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Jun 16, 2015 at 12:22 PM

'Query' method of class '/SCWM/CL_DLV_MANAGEMENT_PRD'


Hello Experts,

We have a report which will give us all Outbound delivery which are 'Packed'.i.e. DPC status is '9'

Also we have refresh button in Report so that if any delivery gets packed it will be updated in List after pressing refresh.

Im using 'Query' method of class '/SCWM/CL_DLV_MANAGEMENT_PRD' to get the Outbound delivery status.

Lets take example

When I run the report It gives me '5' deliveries which are packed.Now I open new window and Packs new delivery.

So when I press refresh button it should update the list with new delivery but this is not happening.

I further analyzed and I found that the packing status of delivery which is newly packed is still '1'(I.e. DPC is '1'). This status returned by the 'Query' Method of '/SCWM/CL_DLV_MANAGEMENT_PRD'.

And Also when I come back from the report and re-run again it is updating the list with '6' deliveries,as Packing status returened by Method is '9' for that delivery.

So what parameter needs to send to method so that it will fetch updated Packing status.

please help to solve this issue.