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Jun 16, 2015 at 11:07 AM

S Number Changed - Cannot Log Into CAL



My old S Number expired and I have a new one. However when I try to log into the CAL website using either number (via certificate) I get told I have been authenticated, and then some gobbledegook about not being able to access the "tenant" until I have been approved and....

"after a while you will be allowed access but we will not tell you when, you have to guess" - honestly that is what it says, and...

"please contact the tenant administrator" with no instructions on how to do so.

Does this seem normal behaviour for any sort of website to everyone else? Am I crazy for thinking this is strange?

Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone know how to contact the elusive tenant administrator?

Here in Australia the phone company Telstra made certain no-one could ever contact them by not allowing email queries and making sure you had to wait two hours on the phone before you could talk to anyone. I think the ombudsman forced them to buck up their ideas.

Cheersy Cheers