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Limits to the Number of Documents held in a DMS Folder

Hi, we are on Sap 740 and are using Sap DMS and Easy DMS. We currently use Easy DMS to hold and access documents numbering in the low hundreds. In support of this we have constructed a document / folder hierarchy which reflects the departmental structure.

We are in the process of extending the use of the DMS to hold material related documents i.e. fact Sheets. These are to reside in a single folder within the document hierarchy.

We have performed the migration of the respective documents [numbering 1700 plus] into a test system and users have commented how slow it is to initially access the folder containing these technical documents. Say 2 minutes or more. For this application we are using the DMS browser accessed via CV01N [PLM is active in our Sap system which enables this] and not Easy DMS.

Having done some research on this I have found references to document limits being mentioned in the range 600-800 to be held within a folder which it-self is part of a hierarchy. After which performance becomes an issue.

Can I ask whether any-one has experience / knowledge of such limits in respect of a maximum or optimum number of documents to be held in a single folder before performance degrades.

It is possible that multiple folders are the answer but we would prefer to retain these documents in single folder.

We are using CV01N and the browser to access the folder initially and once located, creating new documents manually and when done in this way, the document is automatically linked to the correct folder in the hierarchy.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jun 17, 2015 at 09:53 AM

    Hi Gary,

    I would recommend you to use object link for the material master / DIR which will be helpful for your reporting purpose as well.

    But if you require to add all document using the functionality of document browser what benefits you add if the number of DIR is going more than 1700.

    Even In that case you can attach same material related document in one DIR and that DIR can be linked through browser.which may reduce your number of DIR from 1700 to few hundreds.



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    • Hello Nayeem, thanks for your reply. All the documents we create via CV01N and the browser are object linked to relevant materials as each fact sheet contains details of a specific product and related materials for example different sizes of same product. Once created we expect users to reference these via the material master records primarily. We use CV01N and the browser to create the documents in the relevant folder. The alternative is Easy DMS to achieve the same. Using for example cell search in the browser a specific product document can be found quickly. There was no requirement to put these into further categorised folders. I should have mentioned we are using KPRO / Content Server to store these documents too.

      The issue is when opening the folder to create a new document. Same issue is relevant to Easy DMS too I believe. I have since found that when opening a "document" folder, all documents in the folder are opened / read? hence contributing to the slowness. I have also found some references to sap notes on this issue but these are quite old 2009 / 2010 and do not seem relevant to our Sap system. Not on those I have checked so far. I am working on the assumption that these notes would be included in our later release of Sap? Still checking the references to sap notes but have had to suspend this activity for the moment.

      It may be that all documents in a folder continue to be opened and read i.e. for checking document authorisations and that this is our issue?



  • Posted on Dec 29, 2015 at 01:57 PM

    Hello Gary,

    We intend to use Easy DMS with Bill of Document (BOD) using the document type FOL (DOKAR).

    I´d like to know or confirm with you what are problems regarding performance do you have using more than 1700 documents in the same Folder (FOL). I believe that when you say one document is one DIR – Document Info Record.

    When you use Easy DMS or SAPGui standard transaction (CV0*N) for Folder with more than 1700 documents, how is the behavior of the system?

    We have the note: 1465763, that mention:

    What is the recommended folder structure for optimal performance?

    Answer: SAP Easy Document Management recommends maximum of 300 documents per folder if there is a classification configured in the layout for better performance during folder navigation. If there is no classification configured in the Layout maximum of 800 documents per folder is recommended.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Best Regards from Brazil.


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    • Hello Gary,

      Thanks a lot for your answer.

      If is possible, I´d like to where are you using Easy DMS.

      It will be nice if I have some costumer references.

      You can send me a directly e-mail.

      Thanks again.

      Have a nice weekend.

      Best Regards from Brazil.