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Jun 16, 2015 at 10:06 AM

need field routine abap code help


Hi Experts,

Need abap code help for the scenario.

target infocube


customer equipment material qty

source infocube


customer equipment material qty

custom table(which is maintaining in BI only)


oldmaterial newmaterial

I mapped all the fields of target infocube with source fields of infocube . Now, the requirement is like while loading the material no's info from source

the material no should be replaced with new material no against the material no which is coming from source by looking into the above table which has info about the new material no's for all the old mat no's which is in source. In this case which routine(think field routine since it should have mapping with the source mat no) is feasible?

Please help me to write an abap code since i am new to abap...

thanks in advance.