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Jun 16, 2015 at 06:34 AM

How to implement certain business rules in BPC?


Hi All

Our scenario is like this:

We have planning being carried out on primary (A7s) and secondary (A9s) cost elements. The A7s are where the planners can build gross plans. The A9s should be posted to only through allocations (logic scripts have been written for this).

Our base planning sheet looks like the image below (I have expanded the row area between the two orange bands so you can view the input form settings).

The idea was that users should build on A7s in the green column (Direct Entry), and then the allocations would post to the column headed A9 (titled Proposed Allocated Data) automatically. Each column has got it's own identifier dimension (called TT as in transaction type). For example, the direct entry column has postings marked to TT_02, and the allocations to TT_ALLOC (highlighted in yellow).

However, what we didn't plan for is users posting to A9s directly in the column headed "Proposed Direct Entry". This has then screwed up onwards analysis.

Is there a way in which BPC can block users from posting any A9 cost elements in a particular column? Effectively, what I am looking to implement is a rule that no user should be able to post an entry to A7 cost elements where PDO_TT = TT_02.

Is this possible? What we have tried is authorisations and that is a non-starter. I tried to give write authorisation only to A7, but then if the users try to run the allocations, nothing is posted because they need access to write to A9s for the allocations to work.

I also looked at Business controls, but a) it seems more consolidation specific and not for planning, and b) it is more a reactive check. I am looking for this validation to be run before the posting is made.

Our installation is:

BPC NW 10 Sp3 (soon to be upgraded)

EPM add in sp17 (being upgraded to 21 patch 3)

Netweaver 7.31




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