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Jan 25, 2006 at 06:08 PM

Drilling down destroys the data computed in table interface


I have created a table interface class to compute the data in column Average. I basically coded it as if i_x = 2 then perform a set of calculation (i_x = 2 is the column position for Average).

When I execute the web template in WAD the initial table comes up correctly meaning the values in Average are correct like below:

Material | Average

ABC | 100

DEF | 200

My problem is that when I drill down by adding another characteristic like Plant then the data in the Average column is no longer correct because this column is no longer in position i_x = 2 but now is in i_x = 3.

Material | Plant |Average

ABC | US01 |

DEF | SG01 |

Any ideas how to retain the values in Average after a drill down/up? Can I force the web template to call up my table class whenever a drill down/up happens so it can recomputed the i_x coordinate of the column Average? If so, how?

Many thanks for any suggestions.