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Jun 15, 2015 at 06:39 PM

How To Self Assign Planner Group To Notification in Edit Mode



Chandra Ayyagari

Stephen Streeter

Leonardo Gomez

Hello Experts,

Wea are working on Agentry Work Manager 6.2 Application. In our case for 1 user it download Notification for 2 planer group.

For Example:- We have planer group AD,JP and SE.In this SE is virtual planer group. When any notification create then by default it considered as SE.

Now when User AD Logged in application then he will see notifications of AD as well as SE planer group.

Same way if User JP Logged in then he will see Notifications of JP as well as SE.

Now we have requirement that If User AD opens any notification of SE in edit mode then planer group should change from SE to AD and this change should also reflect in SAP Backend.

We have created a custom table which maps the Login ID to Planner groups:-

So where and what changes we have to make in Syclo or ABAP backend to make this working.

If there is anyother way to make it work then also helpful.


Planner table.PNG (10.9 kB)