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Jun 15, 2015 at 03:44 PM

Call PI from XI-Proxy for mapping only (synchronous)


Hello everyone

I'm currently facing the following scenario which I'm not able to find an elegant solution for:

  1. Synchronous XI-proxy in the SAP Backend
  2. ABAP call of proxy with input parameters as request
  3. Process mapping for these values in PI
  4. Route result of mapping back as response to the proxy

Is that in any way possible?

In that scenario, we want to call PI as a mapping service only. There is no other receiving system involved.

Perhaps, there are additional steps needed between 3 and 4 (I thought in the direction of a sync-async bridge but I can't find a solution without creating another XI-proxy that does inbound message = outbound message).

Is there perhaps a way to define a dummy receiver and dummy communication channel with a bean, that just routes the data back to the messaging system so that the response mapping is triggered?

Any help and ideas are very appreciated!

System is PI 7.4