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Jun 15, 2015 at 12:56 PM

Approval of travel requests/expenses POWL issue


hi there,

i have the following requirement:

In ESS/MSS for approving travel requests/expenses there is a "island solution" called FITV_POWL_APPROVER.

All other ESS approval related application can be fetched inside the application IBO_WDA_INBOX, see screenshot. Under the "Active Queries" i can acces leave approvals, clock-in/clock out corretions, and so on.................

But the application FITV_POWL_APPROVER can only be reached "outside" this inbox. in Standard ESS menu this is displayed as link on the left side panel (see yellow marked in screenshot):

Now i have the requirement that this "Travel Approval work center" should be displayed under the "Active Queries" with an counter counting all travel requests AND travel expenses.

I know that there are queries for displaying the travel requests and travel expenses. But when using them it is NOT possible to open the trip form, etc.....

So how can i simple call the travel approval work center from an link in the "Active Queries" ? 😊

br, Martin


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