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Former Member
Jun 15, 2015 at 11:49 AM

Duplicate records issue in webi report


Hi All,

I have a requirement in which I am retrieving the data from 3 tables (say A,B,C).

The current relationship between these tables is like A->B->C. Since I need only a few of attributes from each of the table so I am getting some duplicate records. Although If I select all the columns from each table then it will return distinct records.

Our QA advised not to use the DISTINCT keyword as the solution for this problem. May be because of performance issues. I can not use Group by also since I don't have any measure in my query. Report level aggregation is also not the solution for this problem.

With some analysis i found we can get non duplicate records by creating the relationship like A->B->C->A. However this forms a loop.

Now I am not sure what should be the solution for this requirement.

Can someone advise any solution for this problem.

Please Let me know if you need any more information on this. Thanks !