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Jan 25, 2006 at 04:46 PM

Need to Merge Cells using I_OI_SPREADSHEET Interface


Using interface I_OI_SPREADSHEET, how do I merge the data in one cell to expand to several others?

I am using interface I_OI_SPREADSHEET (and others) to extract 30 internal tables from an ABAP report. It creates one MS Excel workbook with 30 tabs- one tab for each internal table.

The first cell in the first row has some text.

Column headers are on the second row.

The data starts on the third row.

I am using the FIT_WIDEST method on the column headers and data. The range starts at row 2.

The text on the first row is only visible in the first cell. It does not fit. I want to expand the text so it flows into the adjacent cells. Tried using FIT_WIDEST, but it gets reset when I use FIT_WIDEST on the data section (even though the range is clearly defined to start at row 2).

Hope my explanation is clear. Any ideas?