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Jun 15, 2015 at 09:26 AM

SRM - Archivelink configuration for BO attachments


Hi gurus,

we're working on a requirement on a brand new SAP SRM 7 installation.

We would like to store Shopping Cart's (BUS2121) attachments, which in our scenario are present at item's level, into an external repository by means of an Archivelink configuration.

This is basically our aim, even though the complete requirement is quite complex.

We didn't have any experience on configuring Archivelink on an SRM machine, therefore we followed the same "basis" tasks we worked on in a different ECC configuration in the past:

- Transaction OAA3: we defined a new HTTP protocol registry, say HTTP1, for the Archivelink interface 0046, and we generated it successfully;

- Transaction OAC0; we created a new repository, say ZF, with the following specifications:

Document Area: Archivelink

Archive type: content server HTTP
Registry: HTTP1 (the one created at step 1)
Version nr: 0046

The rest of the technical details refer to the connection endpoint; after the certificates exchange, everything seems to be ok (Connection tests are good).

- Transaction OAC2: we defined two kind of documents, ZBUS2121_1 and ZBUS2121_2, for each type of documents (*).

- Transaction OAC3: we bound basically the SC item's business object (BUS2121001) to our document types (ZBUS2121_1 and ZBUS2121_2), specifying that the repository to be used is ZF and the reference table is TOA01.

Now we're having problems with the OACT transaction.

As far as we understood, we should work on the Content repository BBPFILESYSTEM - which is described as BBP: Document area.

The problem is that we don't know how to handle this part of configuration because we didn't found a way to bind that entry to the ZF repository we created in the archivelink configuration steps described above.

We're probably missing something... any help is really appreciated!

Waiting for your support and help,

Best regards.