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Jun 15, 2015 at 07:08 AM

Code to correct Invalid date to correct date format.


Hi Experts,

I'm loading the data from datasource to DSO and then from DSO to Infocube.

While loading the data from datasource to DSO, I was getting error during DSO Activation. The error was "Activation of M records from DSO terminated" .

After changing the DSO Setting as "No SID Generation", I was able to load it into DSO.

So here is the issue m facing--

While loading from DSO to infocube, I got the error "Exception in Substep Write to Fact Table" . Then I found that this error was due to some wrong entry of date in Date column - /OBIZ/LAEDA

Some date values are empty. Some are in correct format- DD.MM.YYYY.

But some are in wrong format like Example - 20.2..15.1

So could anyone please help me in writing the ABAP Code in start routine of Transformation between DSO and Infocube.

Requesting ABAP and BW experts to help me out in successfully loading into Infocube.

Thanks & Regards,

Shruti Yendigeri