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Jun 14, 2015 at 05:56 PM

Merging 2 DSOs



I've following scenario:

DSO1 (Order & item are keys):

Order item partner

O1 I1 P1

O1 I2 P1

DSO2 (Campaign & Lead are keys):

Campaign Lead partner

C1 L1 P1

C1 L2 P1

DSO3 - To be combined based on partner (Campaign, Lead, Order & Item are keys):

Campaign Lead Order Item Partner

C1 L1 O1 I1 P1

C1 L2 O1 I1 P1

C1 L1 O1 I2 P1

C1 L2 O1 I2 P1

DSO1 & DSO2 are source & DSO3 is target. How to achieve this scenario? In short based on partner field I need to combine 2 DSOs.