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Jun 14, 2015 at 05:20 PM

SAP COPA datasource delta Method - Generic Delta vs Time Stamp MGT in Profitability Analysis


Hello, I recently made enhancement to COPA datasource, the change requires adding new fields from operating concern and I have followed the stand process of deleting and recreating with same name with TCODE KEB0. I transported my developments to production, and did full load for fiscal year 2014 - 2015 inorder to populate the new fields with historical data. Everything seems fine as I could reconcile the report before and after data deletion and reloading. Once the report is reconciled, I deleted INITIALIZATION for source system and did INIT without data transfer. Next step is to set the

delta time stamp with TCODE KEB5 only to found below error "datasource is defined as generic delta"

I have checked online but haven't found suitable solution yet. I checked table ROOSGENDLM and found the that the Current pointer was set to 20150614164704 and repeat pointer was empty.

I did delta load just to see if it will work and current pointer was set to 20150614181158 and repeat pointer 20150614164704.

I got zero records for the delta load but I am not surprised as zero records are usually loaded during weekends.

Also, from RSA2 my datasource extraction method is set to Timestamp with 1800s upper interval time limit.


- How can I revert back to using timestamp

- Is there an issue in using Generic delta

- What kind of problem will I face in the future

- Bhat


delta table.PNG (11.4 kB)