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Former Member
Jan 25, 2006 at 03:19 PM

Error in Formula Calculation


Dear BW Mates,

I am trying to build a formula to sum up the three key figures.

My formula is this:

Total Planned Pos= Po PlannedPoconfirmedOutstanding PO

PO Planned ans Po Confirmed has got Units EA where as I dont see the units for Outstanding POs. Indeed I am trying to put the Nodim but the result is same.

Please see the Error

<b>Element Total Planned##Receipts is not correctly defined (please check

query definition).

Message no. BRAIN206


Additional elements are added to the item Total Planned##Receipts that

do not have the same dimension, for example, quantities and amounts or

amounts and ratios.


Check your definition.

If you the addition is still meaningful, you can hide the dimensionality

of one or both partial outputs with the operator 'NODIM'. The system

then understands this partial output as a dimensionless number.</b>

Please guide me.