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Jun 14, 2015 at 09:38 AM

Annual Leave Quota is being generated with 0 value


Hi All,

I have a business requirement of generating annual leave quota ( 20 days ) on the 1st Jan or on hiring of an employee. Luckily I found a excellent knowledge article by Vivek Barnwal Grant of Absence Quotas in Time Evaluation.

I have also selected Quota type selection group to 13 via feature Quomo.

. I have configured absence quota with base entitlement as 20 and setting day balance ZANL via a PCR to 1. Therefore when either on hiring date or on 1st Jan quota should be generated to absence quota 91. However table QTACC is blank while table ABWKONTI is generated updated with 0. Not sure what is missing in the configuration. I could not find any processing step in function "QUOTA" in the logs. Is there any way that I can check whether my absence quota rule 001 was selected in the time evaluation logs? Any help is much appreciated.


Quomo.JPG (24.0 kB)
Schema.JPG (37.2 kB)
TES.JPG (32.8 kB)
Quota.JPG (33.7 kB)