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Jun 13, 2015 at 06:43 AM

AUC to main Asset remaining another AUC Asset Amount.20k


Hi All,

Good Morning!!!!


we are trying to settle the Auc Asset to Main Asset through AIAB while doing system throw the error Settlement amount >Available Amount.

Scenario is we have AUC Asset No. 11223 Value 1,00,000/- One Lac Rs. out of one Lac Rs.we have to settle the 3 Main Asset No. the following Main Asset no .is

Main Asset 44001 Rs. 25000

Main Asset 44002 Rs. 25000

Main Asset 44003 Rs. 30000

and Remaining Amount another AUC Asset Number i.e 11334 Rs. 20000/- Twenty Thousand

While settle getting Error "Settlement amount >Available Amount"

Kind regards

Pranav Kr. Gupta