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Jun 13, 2015 at 12:01 AM

3rd party item in a sales BOM w/delivery-related billing


Hi folks,

I have a VPRS puzzle I need help with.

Scenario: We sell a kit item using a sales BOM. One of the items in the sales BOM is true 3rd-party (TAS). The rest of the items are shipped from our warehouse as a kit. Pricing to the customer is shown for the top-level item. Billing to the customer is only for the top-level item, and should include the amount for all components rolled-up, including the 3rd-party item that is direct-shipped from our vendor to our customer.

At billing, the revenue is correct, but the cost (VPRS) is missing the amount for the 3rd-party item from the sales BOM. I have taken the third-party item from requisition to PO to GR to MIRO invoice. All good there.

I think the problem has something to do with SAP expecting TAS (3rd-party) items to be order-related billing, but I am trying to use it in a delivery-related context and, of course, the TAS item is nowhere on my outbound delivery because it is handled by my vendor.

Any suggestions how I can get the VPRS from my TAS sales BOM component to roll-up with the rest of my sales BOM components so that it is included in VPRS for the top-level item? Again, the revenue side is fine. VOFM routine needed?

Thanks in advance.