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Jun 12, 2015 at 02:36 PM

SAP WEBDISPATCHER port 80 is occupied by http.sys



We are using SAP Portal and there is a confguration with SAP WebDispatcher to use port 80 so that we can access to the URL of our SAP Portal.

With a server restar now the port 80 is in use and it figures out that is the HTTP service of Windows.

However the Windows http.sys is activated and have dependencies to the World Wide Web Publishing Services that are used in our configuration on port 80.

Is there a way of we can use the http.sys port 80 (that is linked to IIS) with the SAP web dispatcher configuration ?

To use the SAP Portal web dispatcher at port 80 does it needs to stop the http.sys service and disable this or can it be register the URL of the Sap Portal so that it responds to the http://portal/irj/portal URL ?