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Former Member
Jan 25, 2006 at 02:34 PM

Activation of data in 0FIAR_O03 failed


Hi all

I have sucessfully loaded data daily to my ODS via a ProcessChain until recently. One day the load failed and I have not succeded to run a correct load since. The load to the ODS looks fine, but data can't be activated. This is the errors I get:


[GREEN] Activation is running: Data target 0FIAR_O03, from 15,490 to 15,490

[GREEN] Data to be activated successfully checked against archiving objects

[RED] Error getting SID for ODS object 0FIAR_O03

[RED] Fiscal year variant KK not expected

[RED] Error when assigning SID: Action VAL_SID_CONVERT table 0FISCPER

[RED] No SID found for value 'KK' of characteristic 0FISCVARNT

[RED] For details, see long text

[RED] Activation of data records from ODS object 0FIAR_O03 terminated


What can possibly cause these errors and how can they be corrected?

To me it looks like somethings wrong with the time characteristics.