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Former Member
Jun 12, 2015 at 10:12 AM

Data Services Designer cannot connect, SDK failure


Hi, I've done quite a bit of investigation so far but still cannot get the Designer client to reach and authenticate against the CMS.

This is a 4.2.5 install with an IPS platform. Single server installation with Oracle repositories.

The error occurs when I try to log on (the list of available repositories are not shown).

The error message is a typical one people receive which is usually firewall related - invalid username/password, SDK failure.

I have done the following so far:-

I can connect to the DS mgmt console and CMC without problems.

I have added a system DSN and tnsnames.ora entry for the CMS and BODS repositories. I can connect to those using SQL Developer

I have added an entry into my local hosts file for the server

I have created firewall rules to open up all inbound and outbound ports on the server and client

I can ping the server and telnet to port 6400 OK

I set enable=yes in the DSUserConfig file but it doesn't generate a log file so I haven't got any detail from the error.

No entries in the server logs relating to a failed logon.

The client and server are on different subnets, but surely that's not mandatory?

I've read the forums and cannot think of anything else to try. Any suggestions?

Much appreciated,