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Jun 12, 2015 at 02:18 AM

Best way to make mass changes to Routings ?


We have requirement to make mass changes in routings it could be dealing mostly with Materail item overview(component allocation) in Item overview table.

our requirement is we may have to delete items, add items change the values in this table.

step1. How do i get the list of routings data with Item overview. CA51 is not very useful to download the data ( any other way i can extract the data with some tables.. i tried using PLKO, PLPO, PLMZ, MAPL STPO is specially giving me different count with CA03. etc.. they are not matching with my item over view list from CA03... even i taken care for deletion flag)

Step2:- we have LSMW direct input to create Routings with CA01, -> once i got extracted the data (from step1), client will massage the data and run LSMW it could be go with CA02 ? or CA01 -> is this works or before that do i need to delete at header level like PLKO ?

we don't have change number in any tables...

Please advise what is the best practice to do this ?

i tried CEWB not much helpful there is no change number concept here.. or we need to create one for us ?

Appreciate some inputs ...