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Jun 12, 2015 at 12:19 AM

About creating the cell style for BO Analysis for Office


I am trying to set the style of BO Analysis (for Office) to fit with client's UI standards, but met a few problems.

From the materials I have read, it seems the steps are: Open a report in analysis (office), and modify the cell style gaven by SAP, such as 'SAP Data Cell' and so on. Then save it, export the style set, and provide it to users for import.

I have 3 questions about it.

1. Number format setting doesn't work well.

I set the number displayed as '#,##0;[Red]▲#,##0' so that the minus data will be red with triangle mark by editing format of SAP Data Cell, however, it can not be applied to other data cells automatically, or other report after being saved.

(However, the font such as size, color set can be saved and applied very well. It seems that the problem only exists in number style)

2. Zebra background.

How to set the background color of 'SAP Data Cell' as zebra style? (the first row and the second row in different color). Somehow, it seems like to be a 'Excel question'.... The setting in 'Table style' can not be saved and exported as report style.

3. Other options.

Is there any other way to standardize and customize the style set so that the style don't need to be imported by every user? cuz applying the style set seems a littble bit tiring though acceptable.

If anyone knows about the answer, especially how to solve the bug in 1, please give me a hand.

Thank you in advance.