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Jun 11, 2015 at 02:41 PM

How does Crystal Reports establish a connection to a SQL Server database when the ODBC Data Source is PeopleSoft PeopleTools?


I am using Crystal Reports 2011 on Windows 2008 R2 successfully, but it is failing on Windows 2012 R2. Both servers have the same Crystal Reports, the same SQL Server Native Client version, and the same PeopleSoft version installed. The only difference is the Windows version.

On Windows 2008, Crystal Reports connects to the database successfully. I create a new connection, select ODBC (RDO), select PeopleSoft PeopleTools as my ODBC Data Source. I get a Connection Information window where I specify my PeopleSoft username/password. Then I get the PeopleSoft login window where I specify the database, user, and password. Aside from having to enter my username and password twice, it works beautifully.

On Windows 2012, however, it all looks the same until I select PeopleSoft PeopleTools from the ODBC (RDO) source list. At that time, the login window shows me PeopleSoft PeopleTools as the Server, and prompts me for my User ID and password (like it does in Windows 2008), but, it also asks me for the Database in that first window. Instead of getting a separate PeopleSoft login window, as soon as I hit FINISH on that first window, I get my three errors:

  1. Database Connector Error: 'HY000:RPC Error: The server threw an exception. From ISQLAllocConnect'
  2. Database Connector Error: 'IM005:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed'
  3. Logon failed. Details: 01000:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetEnvAttr)

Through the Data Link utility, I am able to see the connect string using just the SQL Server Native client, but I can't do that with the PeopleSoft PeopleTools connection type that we use in Crystal Reports. I need to know how Crystal Reports is trying to connect to the database.

  • Is Crystal passing connect information to the PeopleSoft module, and letting the PeopleSoft module make the connection?
    • If so, what is Crystal passing to PeopleSoft?
  • Is the PeopleSoft module providing instructions to Crystal Reports, and Crystal Reports is making the connection?
    • If so, what is the connect string that Crystal is using to try to connect to SQL Server?

Does anybody have this information? PLEASE...

Thank you.