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PI Message Mapping with Auto Increment

Dear All,

I need to assign an Auto Increment Value which I used previously...

Below is the Source Structure

Target Structure

So the Logic is

1 ) DL24-POSNR should be Auto Increment with the Source- Assortment structure. So I have used an "Increment" function to create that.

Ex :  If there are 03 Assortment Occurrences then THREE "DL24" will be created with POSNR auto increment . and the logic is working fine

2 ) If PackUnitItem-NUM  = Assortments-ScheduleLine# Then take the take the DL24_POSNR auto increment value that I have used on logic 1) and assign it into DL44-POSNR.

(Assortment can have multiple occurrence as well PackUnitItem can have multiple occurrence)

Thanks all in advance

Source.PNG (6.6 kB)
Target.PNG (3.1 kB)
Source edited.PNG (11.8 kB)
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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Jun 11, 2015 at 08:16 AM

    Hi Fernando,

    Along with the second query, let me show you mapping screen shot for first query also for better understanding. Please try this & let me know if you get struck anywhere.

    I assume you have mapped Assortment Source node to DL24 Target node.

    The yellow color marked is for the population of DL24-POSNR. In the INDEX statistics function, I have used the initial values as 10 and increment value as 1. This depends on your requirement.

    The blue color marked is for the population of DL44-POSNR. Here I have used if-else, in the else part you can give the value which you need to pass if the condition is not met or else you can use ifwithoutelse depends on your requirement.



    Increment.PNG (23.2 kB)
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    • Former Member T Fdo

      Hi Fernando,

      Then we might look in to Context parameter also in the above solution.

      Anyways, please try the above solution, so that we can dig moreĀ  if it doesn't work.