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Jun 10, 2015 at 06:19 PM

Clubbing of Planned Order


Hi Experts,

We have the following requirement, please do confirm whether it can be mapped in standard SAP :

Material code are in the form of SKU's that is semi-finished is been packed in different form of pack sizes like 100L or 200L.

Sales department give the requirement in the form of SKU's, this requirement are been feeded in demand management through md61 and MRP are been runned. In MRP result we get many number of planned order for SFG which are a part of BOM in FG.

So can MRP club all this planned orders into one order and give the result. If yes then please provide me the next to implement this scenario.

Example :

FG code FG Description Order Requirement SFG code for FG SFG description Planned order after MRP run F00001 Methanol 200L 1 Nos H0001 Methanol 1000023 F00002 Methanol 100L 2 Nos H0001 Methanol 1000024 We require that only one planned should get generated instead of three. F00003 Methanol 25L 4 Nos H0001 Methanol 1000025