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Jun 10, 2015 at 03:19 PM

Add payment block to items in payment proposal using Z* transaction


Hi All,

In the payment run process (transaction F110), after the proposal has been generated, users have the ability to double click on a vendor / customer, then double click on a line item to add a payment block manually.

My company has many vendors in their payment run, and each vendor has many line items. For users to manually click on each account, and then each line item, can take many hours each week.

I have a requirement to create a z program which runs a report on items in the table REGUP and for proposal runs, allows the user the ability to select / highlight a range of items, then add a payment block to all of them in one hit.

We have tried a few options including:

BDC recording. This is not allowed (when recording a BDC of me maintaining the payment proposal SAP does not allow me to drill into a line item to add a block), and would require some very complex logic.

I have seen reference to the BTE 00001820 but this is called from the payment proposal program and we want to run this as a separate task.

We did manage to update the field REGUP-ZLSPR through our program, but the payment block was not effective and the payment run still processed the items we had blocked.

Does anyone have any experience with this functionality, or have any thoughts on how this might be made to work?

Many thanks