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Jun 10, 2015 at 01:57 PM

Error in CCM configuration tab Failed to retrieve cluster name from database


Hi All,

We are getting error message when we open CCM SIA Configuration tab.

Failed to retrieve cluster name from database Reason: SAP Businessobject BI Platform CMS: Unable to connect to the CMS system database "BusinessObject CMS 140 reason" Microsoft ODBC SQL Server driver cannot open database BOE140 requested by the login. the login failed

not sure where we need to maintain user pasword i tried giving user BOEUSER but its not wokring login error.

is there any way i can update the password for boeuser or any thing needs to be done from ODBC administartor.

CMC is working fine but when i go to auditing tab there is a Warning: Client auditing is unavailable.

and also monitoring tab is giving message Monitoring Service is disabled. Only Probes are available.

kindly advice.