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problem with cproject workflow

hi all,

i have created one workflow which will be treaged when i will release any task from the browser. when i will release this task my project should be released. (this is only for testing ) my workflow is working fine but it is releasing after 3-4 hrs. can anybody tell me that why it is taking so much time? it might be problem with some basis/system plz basis ppl also look at it and try to help me.

its urgent so plz reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much in advance.



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3 Answers

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    Mar 01, 2006 at 04:45 AM

    wow!, thats sounds really strange.

    I propose you set up an example and open an OSS call.

    The cpro guys from SAP should have a lok at this and provide a fix.

    But if you release a task, the workflow is started as soon as you save or do you reenter the project directly?

    There exists a kind of event handler BADI_EVENT, where you can control field changes.

    In your case to release the task and need the release of the upper project. I don't like this process, but why not.

    One possibility is making a small modification. As soon as task is released, we release all subtasks too. So it can make sense to release the project too.

    I guess 3 lines of coding are required, but where 😊

    Please try the BADI DPR_EVENT oder the DPR_ATTRIBUTES and in the SET DATA routine, try to set the project release information.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Hental,

      hmm, if you cancel a taks, the complete project should be canceled. Is this not a little bit too hard?

      I guess in your case the Badi DPR_EVENT is a good place to make some coding changes.

      But there is also a STATUS workflow. Please check out the OSS notes about workflow and status.

      There is a good consulting note for that.

      Status cancel -> worflow triggered, wait some time and call a function with the BAPI for project maintetance.

      or in the DPR_EVENT, so the user has a cance to undo the process.

      See you


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    Former Member
    Feb 25, 2006 at 01:36 PM

    Hi Hental,

    ensure that the workflow settings are all activated.

    There are 2 notes about workflow in cProjects with STEP by Step descriptions and a lot of hints.

    If this will not help, please open an oss call and we care about the your problem.

    I knwo workflow with cPro 3.1 is difficult to customize. I spend several days to understand the logic.



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    • Former Member

      hi Björn,

      h r u?

      thanks for ur reply. but my problem is that workflow is fine but when i m releasing task then my project should be released. now i got that what is the error. error is that user is already editing the cproject. cproject is already open and workflow got it locked. so it is taking time. when i will close that cproject browser at that time it will allow workflow to complete task. can u suggest some solution for this????

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    Former Member
    Mar 03, 2006 at 08:09 AM

    Hi Hetal,

    I debugged a little bit and can give you the following hint.

    If you cancel a task, the


    method is called and will raise an event

    RAISE EVENT cancelled

    Then in


    is a method


    wich is raised and will call the BAdI

    CALL METHOD cl_dpr_badi_services=>events_on_event

    In this Badi you have top find a possibility to get the project information of a


    and then you can call the public method


    That should work, I hope so. A similar logic can be found if you check out the logic for releasing a Project, in this case the handler determines all the phases and release the phase and so on.

    I hope this can help you finding a nice solution



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