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Jun 10, 2015 at 07:59 AM

Depreciation - Period Factor for 2nd year


I have setup a multi-level method to depreciate tax books based on a % basis based on two phases as shown below. Phase 1 to take 50% depreciation of acq.value in year 1 and then take a constant percentage in subsequent years. However, 2nd year depreciation does't seem to be correct. I expect the 2nd year value of $1620 based on 20% in the below example. The first year and all other years are computed correctly except system computing 2nd year incorrectly with 19.25%. Please see the screen prints below.

However, system is picking up period factors of 0.08333 and 0.91667. I expect a percentage factor of 1%. I checked the period control and I couldn't find any errors.

Any suggestions/Thoughts??? Thanks