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Jun 09, 2015 at 05:10 PM

How to contact moderators?


How can I contact the moderators, or the particular moderator who deleted my post and only sent the generic notification "Please see the Rules of Engagement for more information on why content is rejected", when I can find exactly zero violations of those rules?

More precisely I posted to this thread that I have the same problem and the link posted is not working anymore. The only thing that I can guess that upset the mod might be that it is a 2009 thread. That she or he locked the thread hints at that explanation, too. However, the Rules of Engagement do not have a rule against necroing threads! In forums where such a anti-necro rule exists, it is a bad rule. I will explain why. This thread shows up as the first search result on Google and on the forum search. But with the broken link it is useless. I could post the same question separately, but it looks like I didn't search and would probably prompt someone to search, find the exact same thread and link it or repost the old link. Also people who search in the future will get the old and broken (and now locked) thread as the top search result.

Sooo ... I would like to discuss with a mod why mods are deleting posts for violations of non-existing rules and that anti-necroing is bad[tm]. But I can't find any way, the Rules of Engagement don't seem to allow comments, there is no link to a contact form, the only form of contact it mentions is clicking "Alert moderator" on an existing post (which is obviously not appropriate here.)