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Jun 09, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Empty field data processing in SOAP scenario


Hi guys

I have a scenario. It's from a websevice to CRM system.

The user clicks on a button on webservice, the webservice should call the CRM through PI and then pass all the details. They need the customer name and Customer number. If there are hundreds of customers they need all the details.

I was thinking of creating a sender data type like



Create wsdl and give it to the webpage team.

Use proxy at target side and ask the ABAP developers to ignore the field Flag and send all customers in the target.

There is no data in the sender side.

I cannot tell them to send some dummy data in the wsdl. Will this work without any data being send in the source?

1) Is this the right approach? Or can I use REST for this?

2) Is it better to configure this a two asynchronous senarios or a synchrnous scenario?


Harish Babu