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Jun 09, 2015 at 11:58 AM

Compare row by row



I have a problem for creating a report in Web Intelligence. I would like to compare rows from a table in order to display the updated rows between 2 dates.

For information, my application allows to manage contracts. A contract can be linked to one or several person (contact). My purpose is to display the updates between 2 dates. In fact I would like to say between 2 dates if the contacts for a contract have been changed...

Here below a part of the data retrieved by my universe in my report.

Contract Id Updated Date Hist Id Contact Name 155 3/6/2015 1 Sebastien 4/6/2015 2 Nicolas 5/6/2015 3 Nicolas 6/6/2015 4 Jean 9/6/2015 5 Jean Paul

In order to display only the updates between 2 dates I have created a DETAIL variable "Update Contact":

Update Contact = If([Contact person]<>Previous([Contact person]))Then ("Updated") Else ("No update")

And I Tried to display it in the report and to filter on that:

Contract Id Updated Date Hist Id Update Contact Contact Name 155 3/6/2015 1 Updated Sebastien 4/6/2015 2 Updated Nicolas 5/6/2015 3 No update Nicolas 6/6/2015 4 Updated Jean 9/6/2015 5 No update Jean Updated Paul

For the update on 5/6/2015 it's ok because no data has been changed.

For the update on 9/6/2015, I would like to see "Updated" because another person has been equally assigned. If I do a filter on "Updated" I have an error:

Unable to get the first page of the current report - Web Intelligence will switch to structure view (WIJ 20003).

Could you please help me to solve this problem, or please give me another solution to do this comparison between 2 rows?

Thanks in advance