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Jun 09, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Error while calling the entity set in SMP 3.0 SP07(via IGW)


Hi Experts,

i followed the document SMP 3.0: An End to End guide to create an OData service for a given SAP Gateway data source

Let me first explain how my landscape look like

1)Front Server (GW_CORE,IWBEP,IWFND)

2)Backend ECC 6.0

i.e we have a HUB Deployment.

>> I have created an odata service in Frontend where it internally calls the an RFC Function in Backend

>>As i stated above my service implementation is done in Front End Server.

In Step 5 of the above document i have given the Names space as SAP because my service resides in sap/opu/odata/sap (But in the document example its a flight sample where service is under iwbep namespace)

In Step 9 while integration and deploy i have done the same 'SAP' as the namespace.

After following every step and successfully execuitng it,i opened the 'Service Document' with below screen shots

I was successful in viewing every Collectin within the service.But when in did a Query operation by appending the the entity set with the URl it threw below error.

Pls help me with a solution ..... or guide me in a proper direction.

NB:I getting the result while execute the OData URL Directly.




s.JPG (58.6 kB)