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Jun 09, 2015 at 04:38 AM

Is it possible to have neither orphan headers nor widow records?


This has been a long running issue, and I've read lots of thread for solutions. I've tried the solutions for orphan group headers and widowed records, but I can't seem to eliminate both at the same time. Due to repetitious data, my main data is in GH2 and GH3.

Solution #1: I placed the headers in GH1 to repeat on each page. The data went into GH2a, GH2b, and GH3. GH2b and GH3 had identical data. I placed a counter formula in GH3, and suppressed if the counter = 1. I then set GH2 to keep together. This guarantees that the headers appear on every page, but I'm left with orphan headers.

Solution #2: I placed the headers in GH2a and the data in GH2b, GH2c, and GH3. I set GH2 to keep together. I placed counter formulas in GH2a, GH2b, and GH3, and suppressed as necessary. This guarantees that I never have an orphan header, but then there are no headers at the top of the next page. It's the data in GH3 that appears on the second page without headers.

All of the threads that I've read recommend either one or the other, but is there a way to have both? Solution #2 seemed to be the most popular for eliminating orphan headers, but then how do I get the titles to appear on the next page?