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Jun 08, 2015 at 08:53 PM

SAP ECC WebService authentication


Hi All,

Need some Input.

Users access .Net portal currently authenticated against MSAD (Microsoft Active Directory) , this application has button called CallSAP button to execute the web service in ECC , user will click on this button, now the user prompted for userid/password , here the user is inputting his SAP User id/password and the web service is executing fine.

I need to change this from userid/password authentication to logon ticket based authentication so that way users no need to input userid/password every time they click the CallSAP button.

I went to SOAMANAGER , there right now the authentication method is set to userid/password.

Now if I change the Authentication method to X.509 or SSO using SAP Assertion ticket? what are all the steps I need to perform for example do I need to change the certs between .NET server and ECC server?

if I setup SSO using SAP Assertion ticket, how the logon ticket passed from .net application to ECC, since .net app is authenticated against MSAD, and by the time user hit the CallSAP button there is no SSO ticket avaialable in user browser and I am confused how the end to end SSO works in this scenario.

Is there any parameters I need to change with either of the methods?




SOA_Auth_Type.PNG (35.0 kB)