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Jun 08, 2015 at 03:00 PM

Re-positng of ML closing entrie


Hi gurus,

Please advise me on the following scenario with ML.

We are running ML with actual activity revaluation. Fiscal year variant is K4, monthly calendar, so ML closes each month.

My client says that he wants to make final yearly closing of the Material Ledger in March, saying that he might not finish all his transactions for previous year until end of March, which is allowed by local tax law and he expects new amounts to appear on production CCs entire 1st quarter for the previous year. So he wants ML to pick up everything what was posted with the posting date of the previous year in Jan-Mar next year and roll-ll up it to the product in previous year.

My feeling is that this is not possible since ML can be closed in previous period only, so Jan is fine, but everything which is posted in Feb and March will be missed. Is that right, or there is some elegant way to re-process closed ML period after 2 periods?