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Jun 08, 2015 at 02:48 PM

Login box appears by working with emails


Hello Experts,

we have a CRM System to use the Employee Interaction Center.

The Agents tell me about a problem, for that, I can't find a solution.

If they work with the System, they get a login box from time to time,

ussually after a break.

The text on the login screen is:

The Server 'SAPCEP.XXXX.COM' to 'SAP Web Application Server [CEP]'

need a Username and password.

It does not matter whether the Agent logs in and presses OK or presses directly the cancel Button.

The login box appears directly again and again ... .

The problem occurs most often when the agents attempting to write an email or to open an email.

This behavior is very distracting for the Agents. So I would be very happy if someone has an idea how to solve the problem.

In the Attachments you can find a Screenshot of the login box.

Thank you for your help in advance.

many Greetings

Martin Arnold


Screenshot.jpg (233.0 kB)