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Help with the path of .rpt layouts

We have a trouble, we are automating the PDF creation but.... how SAP knows which layout have to use and where are the native RPT.

Someone know the path from this files ?

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2 Answers

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    Jun 04, 2015 at 05:25 PM


    I believe it is stored in SAP DB not a external file in SAP server folder. When you editing the layout in SAP, after you click save button I guess SAP stores it in DB. If you want you can do full file search in SAP program folder and see if you can find any .rpt file.


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  • Jun 05, 2015 at 02:02 AM


    It is stored as Hex stream in RDOC table, Field 'Template'.

    What you can do is download the required CR Template into a temp file

    And call the CR object to open this file.

    You can use below code to download the CR file from the table

        Public Sub GetCrystalReportFile(ByVal RDOCCode As String, ByVal outFileName As String)
                Dim oBlobParams As SAPbobsCOM.BlobParams = oCompany.GetCompanyService().GetDataInterface(SAPbobsCOM.CompanyServiceDataInterfaces.csdiBlobParams)
                oBlobParams.Table = "RDOC"
                oBlobParams.Field = "Template"
                Dim oKeySegment As SAPbobsCOM.BlobTableKeySegment = oBlobParams.BlobTableKeySegments.Add()
                oKeySegment.Name = "DocCode"
                oKeySegment.Value = RDOCCode '"INV20004" '
                Dim oBlob As SAPbobsCOM.Blob = oCompany.GetCompanyService().GetBlob(oBlobParams)
                Dim sContent As String = oBlob.Content
                Dim buf() As Byte = Convert.FromBase64String(sContent)
                Using oFile As New System.IO.FileStream(outFileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create)
                    oFile.Write(buf, 0, buf.Length)
                End Using
            Catch ex As Exception
                Throw ex
            End Try
        End Sub


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