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Jan 24, 2006 at 08:11 PM

InfoSources Data selection!!!



I am building a process chain for the Infocube 0COPC_C04. We currently hard coded the Selection "From Value" and "To Value" for the FISCPER (fiscal year/period)for the infosource Material Prices(0CO_PC_ACT_05).

We tried to used the OLAP variable 0P_PRFP2(period b4 last, current fiscal Year-SAP EXIT - OFISCPER InfoObject) to update the Period/Year InfoObject 0FISCPER instead of the hard coding. Then we got this error "Variable 0P_PRFP1 could not be replaced.

Message no. BRAIN641"

Should we use 0CMLMON(Last Month - 0CALMONTH Infoobject) instead. But it is not for fiscal period. Or it actaully doesn't matter.

I appreciate your help!