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Jun 04, 2015 at 01:05 PM

SSM using BOE authentication - re-pointed to 2008 windows from 2003 Login error



We have an SSM 7.5 system, which was on 2003 server, now we moved to 2008 server, using pipadmin user maintained in CMC 3.1.

We modified the Toolbar2.htm file to point it to the new server, Did config change to point to new server in Netweaver Administration

@xapps~cpm~sm~strategymanagement But when I try to launch the Demolaunchere.jsp and try to Log in with pipadmin and password maintained in BOE, it never works.

Can I know if I am missing anything.

When launching the DemoLauncher.jsp to access the SSM, for some reason it does not like the 2008 Box. When we try to re-point to the Production box which is on 2003 server, it works fine.

Is there any setting specific to 2008 Server family that I am missing somewhere ???

Please help. This is very urgent.