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Jun 04, 2015 at 10:46 AM

Lumira Edge Server(Team Server) to MySQL Connection issues


Hi All,

Firstly here're the specs:

Windows Box info:

OS: MS Windows 8.1 Pro


Architecture: x64 bit

Processor: Core i3 CPU @3.4GHz

Software Info:

DB: MySQL CE v5.6.23.0


Desktop: SAP Lumira Standard Edition 64bit v1.25.1 build 23 (running as 30 days trail mode)

Cloud: SAP Lumira Cloud Free Edition with 1GB storage

Edge: SAP Lumira Edge Server/Team Server/Server for Teams (running as 30 days trail mode with installed key for 5 users) build v1.25.0.15

All these installed on same machine.

I created a Data Set on Lumira Desktop(Standard Edition running on 30 days trail) from MySQL and exported the same to Lumira Edge.

When I alter my view on MySQL that's used for dataset creation, I'm able to see the updated result set on Lumira Desktop after hitting the refresh button.

Similarly, I tried clicking the 'Refresh Document' (not the 'Refresh' button on visualize mode) on Lumira Edge for the updated result set without re-exporting the data set and then issues started flowing.

Here're the list of errors I faced:

1. Unable to connect. Check your data access driver

- for this after RnD, I installed generic JDBC driver from Edit Drivers section since there's no option for MySQL connectivity.

2. Forbidden

- after installing driver and restarting server manually

3. SyntaxError: Unexpected token c

- after installing driver and restarting server manually

4. SyntaxError: Invalid character

- after installing driver and restarting server manually

5. Unable to see server info under Maintenance screen since the installation

6.Unable to restart server from 'Maintenance' screen (due to the above error 5)

- After installing driver

7. Restart failed from the 'Maintenance' screen

8. How do I access this server from different system over internet?

- Tried using the URL generated with 2 named users but not able to access via different system

PFA screenshots numbered accordingly to the issues.

Please help me out at earliest with any info, documents etc.,

Googled a lot and not able to find any relevant info.
There's lot of naming convention confusion happening all over the internet too.

Let me know any info needed further.

Thank You,



7.png (39.7 kB)
5.png (40.9 kB)
1,2,3,4.png (210.6 kB)