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Jan 24, 2006 at 05:41 PM

Modeling Question



I am currently developing a model for order amount reporting for Business Partners (in CRM).

As you might know a business partner can be related to more than one industry.

Let's suppouse that partner A is related to Industries IA and IB, and i load an order for partner A on 1000 us$.

As i currently understand it, those 1000 us$ will also appear when reporting on orders for industry IA and when reporting on orders for Industry IB, thus causing a duplication (in case that a partner is related to multiple industries then the amount will get duplicated accordingly).

Any creative suggestions on how to deal with this issue?( i can't relate a partner to only one industry, nor i can give up industry as a dimension to drill data accordingly).

BTW, i have this issue happening for different attributes of a Partner (not just industries).

Many thanks,